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Projects in UNDP Indonesia

Programme expenditure in 2010 is USD 49,720,000
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Program Component Project Title
Poverty Reduction
Policy SupportThe Gender Equity and Women’s Rights: Raising the Profile
Papua Development Programme: Strengthening Government and Civil Society Capacities to Achieve the MDGs
HIV/AIDSThe Indonesian Partnership Fund for HIV/AIDS
Monitoring progress towards the MDGsTo Assess, Reinforce, and Gear Efforts Towards MDGs
Energy and Environment
Sound environmental managementSustainable and Integrated Management of the Mahakam Delta
Global Environmental Facility Small Grants Programme
Effective use of energy resourcesIntegrated Mycrohydro Development and Application Project
Microturbine Cogeneration Technology Application Project
Capacity development/advocacy to adhere to international agreement instrumentsSupport to the Second National Communication on Climate Change
Support to Montreal Protocol Implementation
Integrating Climate Change into Development Planning
Democratic Governance
Accelerating the pace and effectiveness of local government reformBuilding and Reinventing Decentralized Governance
Deepening DemocracyParliamentary Support Projects (PROPER, PRIDE, GRADE)
Support to the Deepening Democracy in Indonesia
Multi-Donor Programme – Support for Indonesia’s Democratic Elections
Promoting rights based legal and justice sector reformEnhancing Communications, Advocacy and Public Participation Capacity for Legal Reforms (CAPPLER)
Legal Empowerment and Assistance for the Disadvantaged
Crisis Prevention and Recovery
Conflict preventionPeace Through Development Programme
Disaster mitigation and reductionEarly Recovery Assistance Programme for Jogjakarta and Central Java
Safer Communities through Disaster Risk Reduction
Aceh and North Sumatera Recovery
Recovery of livelihood and economic infrastructureTsunami Recovery Waste Management Programme
Aceh Partnerships for Economic Development
Housing settlements and associated infrastructureCapacity Building for Local Resource-based Road Works in NAD and Nias
Capacity development of governance institutions and civil societyEmergency Response and Transitional Recovery (ERTR) Programme
Technical Support for Badan Rehabilitasi dan Rekonstruksi (BRR) NAD-Nias
Strengtening sustainable peace and development in Aceh; Programme of support to the Government of Indonesia's implementation of the Aceh Peace Agreement
Aceh Government Transformation Programme
Strengthening sustainable peace and development in AcehStrengthening Access to Justice for Peace and Development in Aceh
Support to Strenghten the Capacity and Role of Civil Society Organisations in the Recovery of Communities in Aceh and Nias