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 Indonesia MDG Report

Report on the Achievement of Millennium Development Goals Indonesia 2007

The report on the Achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 2007 is the third national report of its kind. The first report was published in 2004, while the second one was published, in the form of a brief summary, in 2005. This report is published not merely as an obligation, but it is an attempt to provide readers information about the progress that Indonesia has made, and to demonstrate the commitment of the country to realise the goals of the Millennium Declaration which was made at the United Nations in 2000.

Indonesia Progress Report on the Millenium Development Goals 2005

Nowadays, MDGs have become an important reference in the development implementation in Indonesia, from the planning phase as it is stated in the Medium- term National Development Plan (RPJMN) to its implementation. In spite the constraints, the Government of Indonesia has committed to achieve its MDGs. Therefore, hard work and cooperation with all parties, including civil society, private sectors and donor community, are needed.

Indonesia Progress Report on the Millenium Development Goals 2004

This First Progress Report on the Millennium Development Goals, compiled and written by technical staff of the Government of Indonesia, captures changes in the country's human development situation since 1990. It sets out an agreed-upon baseline and measures the progress to date against agreed-upon indicators-some of them adapted or localised to Indonesia. The Report also examines trends for the future, summarizes the challenges, and reviews the policies and the programmes related to the realization of these goals in Indonesia.